ScandiTech's iPhone 7 & 7+ battery replacement guide

General tips before you get started with your battery replacement. 

We recommend reading through the whole guide before performing the battery replacement. This will give a general idea of what you are up against and you will feel more comfortable when disassembling your iPhone. We’d like to begin by issuing caution throughout the battery replacement process. You are, after all, operating on a hi-tech device.

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1 The front is mostly made out of a glass screen and an LCD underneath it. If this part is not handled with care, the glass can shatter and/or the LCD can break.

2Almost all screws inside of the phone are of different lengths. After the screws are removed, they need to go back into the same place they were removed from or else the motherboard could get damaged. Pay attention to this during reassembly. Organize the screws when removing them!

3All lithium batteries contain chemicals that are necessary to store power. These chemicals are safely stored inside the battery as long as the battery is not physically damaged. Puncturing, damaging, or cutting a lithium battery can result in combustion (fire).

4Back-up your phone prior to the battery replacement. No data will be lost if the replacement goes as a planned but unforeseen complications can arise, although they are uncommon.  


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