Our Mission

Help your customers make the most of their iPhone. Repairing is beautiful !

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Why Choose ScandiTech

We have sold over a 200.000 batteries for smartphones online. Our customers range from first time technicians who want to fix their own phone to professional repair shops. The ScandiTech battery cell quality stands out in a diverse market where it’s difficult to find a reliable part for your expensive device. Not only do our batteries perform in the top tier of the spectrum, but our competent and helpful support is at your service seven days a week. We take care of our customers before, during, and after any battery replacement.

About ScandiTech

ScandiTech is a company based out of Sweden with offices in Barcelona and Hong Kong. Its young founders have more than 10 years experience and extensive knowledge of both hardware and software when it comes to cellphones and smartphones. We have been working with phones even before the term “smartphone” came along.

We work primarily in the service sector and focus mostly on repairing hardware and software damages or problems.

Best rated on AMAZON with over 8,700 reviews.

In 2015 ScandiTech Launched its DIY kit directly to consumers and became the longest lasting brand on Amazon.com for this product type.

Our batteries are one of the highest rated batteries in this category.

  • UL Certification: One of the most strict quality control processes on the market.

  • Increased Satisfaction: from YOUR clients

  • Customer Service: based in the US and in Europe.

  • Large Products Catalogue: From iphone 4 to X

  • Best Prices and fast delivery: from $6 per unit.

  • Hassle free: By working with us, you don’t need to handle manufacturing and delivery. We take care of everything and deliver high end certified batteries directly to your warehouses or stores.

  • Possible Marketing Partnership: Content, online SEO, co-op Advertising.