Repair Kit with Tools for all iPhones (4 to Xr) & Samsung Galaxy, Note


Repair Kit with Tools for iPhone 4, 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 7, Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Note, LG, Motorola by ScandiTech

Basic set of tools for minor DIY cell phone repairs. With ScandiTech's opening tool kit, most smartphone damages can be fixed. All tools are included to efficiently replace iPhone and Samsung batteries, screens, LCDs, front assemblies, charging ports, volume buttons, speakers, microphones, motherboards and logic boards. A pentalobe screwdriver is included to remove iPhone bottom screws and metal tweezers to assist with small parts removal. Plastic opening tools will assist with disconnecting connectors and separating assemblies. The Phillips and the flathead screwdrivers are magnetized to easily lift hard to reach screws. 

Tool kit suitable for:
iPhone / Apple

Good to know:

  • Professional Set of Tools For MacBook, Laptop & Electronics
  • Premium Precision Repair Kit With Magnetic Bits
  • Use These Bits With Your Power Tools
  • Perfect For DIY Replacement Projects
  • Lifetime Warranty by Scandi Tech

    The kit includes: 
    1 Tool Overview Manual 
    1 Phillips PH 00 Screwdriver 
    1 Flathead Screwdriver 
    1 Y000 0.6 Screwdriver (iPhone 7 & Apple Watch) 
    1 Pentalobe (0.8) Screwdriver (for iPhone bottom screws)
    1 Metal Tweezers
    1 Nylon Spudger
    1 Plastic Opening tool
    1 Suction Cup
    1 SIM Card Ejector