Battery Kit for iPhone

ScandiTech's battery kits consist of instructions, adhesive, tools, and a new, high-quality, replacement battery with the same capacity as the original. 
We sell battery kits compatible with all iPhones. 
We also offer batteries for iPhones without tools.

A deteriorated battery is not a death sentence for your smartphone. In fact, it should be an opportunity to optimize your device and make it even sharper and faster.

Replacing your battery instead of buying a new phone saves you money and time (especially if you do it yourself), and it’s also much more environmentally-friendly.

It’s not a quick fix, but rather a solution that will improve your overall experience with your smartphone long-term.

iPhone 6S battery replacement set with tools

ScandiTech Battery Model iP6S (not 6 or 6S+) - Replacement Kit with Tools, Adhesive & Instructions

[description_1] Replacement Battery for iPhone 6S (not iPhone 6 or 6S+) with Tools and Instructions Batteries in smartphones work like any other ba...

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