What is the most Sustainable Smartphone?

What is the most Sustainable Smartphone?

Realistically speaking the great majority of today’s population is quite aware that the way our planet is heading is not a good one at all. 


While raising awareness is definitely the necessary initial stage of coming up with a solution to a problem, many might make the mistake to think that the two coincide, awareness and solutions i.e. 


But before you judge the majority of humankind too harshly perhaps it’s worth mentioning that in part such a perception, faulty as it might be, is understandable. How so? A lot of time, effort and resources go into simply making a certain issue gain worldwide visibility.


What this means is that by the time solutions are to be enforced, capital has most likely been exhausted in the attempts to keep the issue in the attention of the public for as long as possible. 


And no matter their level of dedication, the same thing happens to those advocating for the cause in question. They’re not immune to burnout, meaning that it’s only a matter of time until fatigue catches up with them. 

What about recycling electronics?

If you can relate to feeling frustrated about the overall neglect our society seems to show to the health of our planet, it might help you to know that there are ingenious ways in which you could be a part of the solution even if you don’t have access to massive resources. 

How can you do that precisely? Well until you can actively pitch in with a fix, you can start removing yourself from what causes the problem in the first place. 

Consider, for instance, your use of electronics. 

Maybe the only time you’re used to giving a particular device of yours any thought is when you’re on the search for a new one. What if we told you that changing that mentality right there could greatly benefit the environment? 


Electronics, in general, are a bit peculiar when it comes to being safely disposed of. Nevertheless, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, more commonly known as the EPA, has strong views regarding recycling your electronics. Their reasoning?

  • saving costly resources such as precious metals 
  • saving valuable energy that supports manufacturing 
  • lowering greenhouse emissions

All that being said, maybe next time you think about upgrading your iPhone, you can hold that thought for a moment. You might come to the conclusion that a simple iPhone battery replacement will do just fine.


Is your smartphone an environmental problem?


most sustainable iphone ?


The brief answer is yes. The long one is - there are few electronics that are not. Laptops, monitors, PCs are all impacting the environment in a negative way. 

But a study done by McMaster University suggested that the principal cause of worry remains the smartphone. What exactly makes it worse for the environment than other devices? The frequency with which we replace one after another. 

The rhythm in which users across the globe dispose of smartphones would make you think they might have become more or less expendable. In fact, reports show that it takes users on average about 2 years before they buy a new phone. 

You’d think, and it would make sense to suppose so, that because electronics have become tinier over time, their collective impact on the environment would be significantly decreased. 

However, the fact is it looks like we’re heading in the opposite direction with estimates showing that by 2040 the total carbon imprint of the entire ICT (Information and Communication Industry) will be about half the size of the damage caused by all the transportation system.


The most sustainable smartphone is the one you already own


An easy place to start would probably be using your phone for a more extended period of time. As mentioned above, the average interval passed before a user gets a new phone is about 2 years. How about you go for 3 or 4? 


If something isn’t working quite to your liking, it can always be fixed. Maybe if our generation stopped thinking of repairing what’s broken as such a nuisance, then our planet wouldn’t get buried in so much perfectly usable junk. 


That being said, if you love your phone, as most of us do whether we’ll admit to it or not, but the fact that you don’t get top performance from it anymore puts you off, you can make the environmentally-friendly choice of looking into battery replacement


And before you dismiss such action as being inconsequential to protecting the environment, think of it this way - once you find the benefits in taking this approach you can genuinely inspire others, and the ones that you motivate will, in turn, shape out the way their small communities will act, and so on. 

It’s refreshingly hopeful to follow this kind of chain of events, isn’t it? 😁

Admittedly, it’s not something that happens overnight, but usually, things of significance do take quite some time if they are to develop in a way that is sustainable long term.

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