The Great Innovation Behind The iPhone Technology

The Great Innovation Behind The iPhone Technology

Whether you use an iPhone or not, chances are that news about the device slip within your field of awareness anyway, every time a launch happens.

In this sense, throughout the years, media coverage has been consistent. In fact, news outlets with different primary focuses seem to religiously follow every mile and corner of the iPhone journey. 

This would not happen if their respective audiences ever responded negatively to previous pieces about the device. The obvious conclusion, thus, is that everyone consumes news about iPhones or, at the very least, they don’t put in the extra effort to avoid them. 

Admittedly, no other device receives this kind of attention whenever they tweak a bit at their product. 

So, is such enthusiasm justified? Are the phenomenon and the following that the iPhone has developed over the years validated in some way? 

How has a product managed to go beyond the boundaries of the tech world and become a matter of interest globally and for so many types of people?

In the United States alone, over 75% of teens own an iPhone. Therefore, the general preference for this specific device over any other is a fact backed up by data. So what is it so alluring about this particular phone that makes it such a desirable commodity?

Since June 2007 when the first iPhone was released, the phone has gradually become a big part of the lives of many consumers and industries alike. And while it indeed can be a matter of preferences, there have to be some unequivocal characteristics about the device that make it such a tech powerhouse. 

It’s not just a simple iOS vs Android debate. The innovation is about more than just the platform, it’s about how the hardware and software function together to deliver a now trademark experience.

Among the few aspects that make the iPhone such a great asset are the following:

1. iPhones are fast 

The newer ones are especially fast since they operate on the A12 Bionic chip which makes for an overall speedy experience. Fortunately, this transcribes into videos playing flawlessly on the phone which works wonderfully with consumers becoming more and more demanding of video content.

2. Great hardware and software integration

Perhaps one of the greatest things about the iPhone is that the device can pull off things no other device can imitate to date. And if they do manage to replicate the initiative, it usually occurs way later at a time when the iPhone is most likely releasing some new awesome features.

Take as an example the Face ID. What it does is it helps you to log into the iPhone in a secure manner while making use of a 3D scan of your face. Being such a cool innovation and attempt at improving the security measures of phones, other companies have inevitably tried to copy this but without any successful outcomes.

3. iPhones are the easiest phones to use

The widely-known look of iOS has not changed much over the years. But that has worked out in the phone’s advantage since the image has become associated with the brand. The particular patterns and the layout of the screen have become beloved features for the iPhone users that give them a sense of familiarity. 

Evidently, the iPhone has been through constant improvements over the years. Perhaps, the most impactful one is the introduction of Siri. However, maintaining a balanced approach between what is being introduced as new and what the users have familiarised themselves with is the key to not spurring any long-lasting confusion when it comes to using the app.


4. iPhone has the trendy apps first

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It’s a fact that both Android and iOS have their stores packed with millions of apps to suit everyone's tastes and ages. But when it comes to which users get the privilege of being the first ones to have access to the newest ones released, iPhone users have consistently been the ones favoured in this regard. 

The developers of popular apps such as Snapchat, for instance, chose the iPhone as the launch platform. Android users only had a chance at playing around with the app’s fun filters and features a while after the users of the iPhone had already thoroughly explored and integrated it into their daily routines.

5. Great support teams at your disposal

If anything runs less than smoothly with your device, there is a multitude of resources that you can make use of - from giving a call to your carrier to searching for answers on online forums focused on finding solutions for common iPhone issues. 

Additionally, you can always access the materials and articles posted on Apple’s website for any topics of interest related to the iPhone, and not necessarily to get any help but simply to keep up with the updates. 

If you don’t find the specific fix that you were looking for, you can use the information as a starting point in your research. For instance, Apple’s materials for battery repair are great for a general read, but if you want to get into specifics, such as iPhone battery replacement, you should look up us up as experts in battery replacements.

Whatever the next big thing in matters of technology - that can be accessed by the average person - will be, iPhone users can rest assured that their devices are always going to be a top priority for developers for a long time to come. 

Although it’s difficult to make a prediction about what the innovation will be exactly, looking back at the device’s evolution, it certainly has the potential to do a lot for the modern economy, culture, and life in general.

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