Productivity Hacks With Your Phone You Need To Know About

Productivity Hacks With Your Phone You Need To Know About


By now, the large majority of people have accepted that owning a smartphone is a necessity. 

And gone are the days when using one was perceived as a matter of social status. In fact, we all recognize that it brings value to our way of doing things now. We've basically integrated these devices into our lives to the point of no return.

In this manner, our current ways of relating to smartphones can be a blessing for the tech enthusiasts and a curse for the less modernized, nostalgia-loving folks. However, it cannot be denied that everybody's daily routines are indeed affected by smartphone use.

We're attached to our phones, that's hardly a disputable fact. So, it would be in our own best interest to build habits that allow us to make the most out of our reliability on our beloved devices.

Your Phone Can Help You Be More Productive

Have you reached the point when you feel bad about yourself for spending too much time on your phone? You're certainly not alone! A recent study shows that on average, an individual wastes about 2 and a half hours scrolling around on social media platforms.

If this is you, here’s what you should know:

You're not weak.

You're not undisciplined.

You just might not be sufficiently informed about how much untapped potential your phone really holds. 

I mean, think about it. One handy device that you can carry around with you in all places offering, on the spot, access to technologies that can be used to make your life easier. 

... and you use it to also be active on social media. Which is fair. However, using your phone in this manner is only rewarding in the minimum sense. With all the complex features gifted to phones today by ever curious engineers, you could increase your overall productivity just by paying a little more attention to your favorite device.

It's not foolish to want to use such a capable tool for so much more than boosting your friends' self-esteem on social. That's a nice gesture as well, of course, but think of all the possibilities you have to make your day-to-day activities run a bit more smoothly.

If enhancing your productivity by simply being smart about using your phone is something that you'd love to get into, here are a few places you can start.👇

Set a basic home screen

You thought you did yourself a favor by placing your favorite apps on your home screen. Easy access to frequently used apps seems like a foolproof way to go about being productive. However, the reality of things is that you end up losing great chunks of time scrolling through Instagram posts. Do you even remember why you picked up your phone in the first place?

What you could do instead is remove whatever does not add to your daily efforts in being productive from your home screen. It'll make a world of difference.

Turn your notifications off

Aren't you just a tiny bit curious to see how your day looks like when you’re not continually bombarded with random bits of information? If anything, it's at least more inclined towards productivity.

It's only a matter of habit, you know? As hard as it might be for your present self to accept it, there surely was a time in your life when you were not constantly bothered by phone notifications. Therefore, you can do it again.  

Start small and then work your way up. For instance, you can make it a goal of yours to have your notifications off for 2 hours for a week. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you focus on your tasks of interest in a consistent manner.

That being said, before you change your mind, have a look at your phone’s settings and get to know the Do Not Disturb mode. Or if you’re feeling especially brave, put your device on silent and go about your day.

Set your phone to read aloud to you

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Multitaskers everywhere are enthusiastically nodding in approval. 

How convenient is it that your phone can read aloud your text messages, your emails, your web pages or your app screens? Meanwhile, you can be doing your chores or you can be driving without breaking your concentration every time you need to check your email.

There's really no need to engage in unsafe and illegal practices, like texting and driving, when you can have your phone do the job for you. 

Give the text-to-speech feature on your phone a try, or if you have an iPhone you can have Siri come to your rescue. Also, when in doubt, you can research some apps and find just the one that suits your interest.

Set up a keyboard that fits you best

It's important to know that you have options for transforming your phone into something that suits your needs best. That being said, if, for example, you feel like larger fonts and darker colors make for more comfortable user experience, then you should make the necessary adjustments.

If the default keyboard is lacking the features that you'd like, simply download the one that offers what you have in mind. It'd be a shame not to make it happen when you have the choice of doing so. Silently raging at a piece of technology will not solve your problems. On the contrary, it'll add to them.

The point is that you're the one that best knows what you need out of your phone. And looking at how far technology has made it, chances are that your vision can indeed be met with a proactive attitude and a bit of research.

Inventive camera use

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With social media platforms gaining such a massive influence over what is happening on the web, it has become easy for most of us to assign our phone's camera with one task only: getting good and shareable pictures for our friends and followers.

Without a doubt, the camera on your phone can be used as a quick and reliable productivity tool since it can document and store in an instant whatever is of interest to you at a certain time.

For example if you're visiting a new place, you can easily snap a pic of the address and have that information saved on the spot.

Forgot your grocery list at home? It's a good thing you had the foresight and took a picture of it just in case, right?

And what happens if you forget your phone? Admit it, you most likely won't. You're glued to that thing.

But, as discussed in this article, you don't have to ditch your phone to get more things done in your everyday life. The key is to explore your device for a more in-depth understanding of its features. This way, you can creatively make use of what your phone offers to get in the habit of being more productive. 

P.S. Limiting the time you spend on your phone is also a good thing for your device's battery life. Thus, if, for example, you've consistently been making an effort to stay off your iPhone yet you can see your battery rapidly draining, it'd be wise to start looking into iPhone battery replacement.

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