How To Save 2000€ In One Year With These Simple Actions.

How To Save 2000€ In One Year With These Simple Actions.

What would you do if you had 2000€ right now ready to be spent?

Think about it, and while you do we want to show you how you can make this amount of money within a year, by making a few simple changes

While saving money requires certain skills, it’s not something that can’t be learned. So, if you're convinced that you couldn't salvage a penny, no worries, we'll keep things practical and we won't focus on frugality tips like "lose that latte habit" that you've probably already heard 10 times before. 

Instead, we'll take a look at 3 main areas where you can save a big amount of money with minimum effort.🌱

3 cool ways you could be saving thousands in under a year

A lot of money-saving advice out there revolves around planning your budget better, eating out less or collecting loose change. While some of these tips come in handy, and a little each day does add up over time, we'd like to instead focus on tactics that are a bit more realistic, easier to implement, and that you can do long-term

So we'll be looking at 3 major groups:

  • DIY
  • Repairs
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Let’s begin 👇

    • Do It Yourself

    New DIY projects are always fun to experiment with, but they're also a great way to save money. And with so many how-to guides on the Internet, you actually have an endless source of information that you can tap into and get the help you need. 

    Here are 5 projects that will save you upwards of 500€ in under a year:

  • Installing a shower timer: if you want to save thousands of gallons of water and also protect the environment by conserving energy, then you’ll love this method to help you cut costs every month.
  • Estimated savings: 200€ or more every year.

    Find out how you can do it yourself here

  • Improving your insulation: this reduces your heating bills by up to 15%. To put this figure into perspective, the heating bill for a leaky home can reach 1300€ a year, and one for a standard house is 650€ on average, but a home with quality insulation only spends about 90€ on heating

  • Estimated savings: anywhere between 500€ and 1000€ each year.

    It typically costs 1200€ to get insulation work done; if you do it yourself, you can save up to 700€ on that as well.

  • Replacing your faucet: changing your old faucets and aerators that are no longer effective with ones that have a certified WaterSense label saves the average family more than 700 gallons of water every year, and can reduce your water bill by 20%

  • Estimated savings: 50+€ every year.

    Learn how you can do it yourself here

  • Switching to LED light bulbs: energy-saving light bulbs last longer than traditional ones and consume five times less power

  • Estimated savings: over 200€ from energy bills every year.

    Here’s a detailed guide on how you can choose the right light bulbs and set them up. 

  • Replacing your phone’s battery instead of buying a new phone: here’s why it would be a good alternative and here are some quick tips to help you do it yourself

  • Estimated savings: between 400€ and 900€.

    Your iPhone’s battery life is bound to get worse over time. It might seem like battery replacement for an iPhone is not worth the trouble, but it can actually save you hundreds of euros.

    At ScandiTech, we’re big believers in repairing instead of using up more resources. We help people who are interested in saving money and making the best of their devices, while also being friendlier to the environment. You can learn more about our guides here

    • Repairs

    Emergency repairs and even basic home maintenance can really make a dent in your budget. 

    When something breaks down in your house, although sometimes it’s wiser to call an expert, a lot of the time it pays off to know how you can fix the issue yourself. 

    Here’s how much you could be saving with just 5 easy home repairs:

  • Fixing your freezer: can save you anywhere between 85€ and 130€.
  • Restoring a leaky faucet: the average cost per hour for a plumber ranges between 40€ and 175€.
  • Fixing your computer: saves you upwards of 50€.
  • Repairing your dishwasher: you can easily do this yourself in most cases, and keep up to 120€ in your pocket.
  • Fixing your washing machine: instead of calling in an expensive technician, you can solve common issues with your washing machine with only a few simple tools and saves you up to 85€ per repair
    • Energy Efficiency

    energy efficiency iphone battery

    Utility bills keep getting more and more expensive and experts often say that ignoring the importance of energy efficiency is bad both for your wallet and the environment. However, a few simple tips can help you significantly cut down on monthly costs and also give our planet a longer life. 

    For example, using your thermostat effectively and reducing your room temperature by just 1 degree can save you up to 80€ in a year. If you don’t already have a thermostat in your room, make sure you install one as it helps you keep track of your consumption. 

    When it comes to heating, you should only warm up those parts of your home that actually need to be warmed up. By setting different temperatures for different areas of your house, you’ll still have the same cozy atmosphere but without wasting any heat. 

    Lastly, choosing energy-efficient appliances can spare you more than 260€ per year. You can learn more about how to read EnergyGuide labels and choose the best devices here

    Have a look at some other smart tips that can help you save both energy and money:

    • Monitor the temperature of your fridge and freezer
    • Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when they’re full
    • Set up water and heat measurement in your apartment
    • Don’t leave your gadgets on standby
    • Use energy-saving programs when washing clothes
    • Change your air filters regularly
    • Keep your air-conditioning tuned and clean
    • Consider making a larger investment in renewable technologies like solar panels


    Saving money, and especially doing it on a consistent basis, can seem like an impossible task to many people. But it’s well within your reach to bank over 2000€ in under a year with the right strategies and a long-term approach. 

    By following the steps above, you’ll not only save thousands under your account, but you’ll also be more conscious of the resources you use every day.

    So, improve your home and become part of the solution to protecting the environment and building a sustainable future. 

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