Check Out These 3 Apps to Boost Your Creative Thinking

Check Out These 3 Apps to Boost Your Creative Thinking

Are you the type of person who finds it difficult to shush their brain for even a second? 

You know what we’re talking about, don’t you? You sit at a cafe catching up with an old friend and all of a sudden you’re thinking about that cool project you’ve left on your desk uncompleted. 

It’s probably not that you didn’t miss your friend and you’re spacing out, although that could definitely be a reason, it’s just that perhaps something from you guys’ interaction triggered some useful lines of thinking that could help you see your project finished. 

Funny how creativity and seeing ideas to completion work, right? 

One minute you’re giving it all your attention with no progress being made, the next one, you’re relaxing having decided to not think about it for a bit and then out of nowhere clean, sharp bits of information surface from your unconsciousness providing just the missing pieces to complete the puzzle.

Channeling creativity

But are there any ways in which you could take a bit more control of your creativity? 

For starters, technology definitely offers many platforms you could use to express whatever shapes up in your head. At any stage of the creation really. 

Perhaps all you see in your mind is the outline of a rough design. No worries, there are tools out there that could help you complete the idea you have in mind in no time. 

Or maybe, there are a few musical notes that your brain has repeatedly played the whole day before you decide to make something out of them. Surely, you can go online and have the sequence perfected with just a few clicks. 

What you should be getting from this is that living in this day and age definitely comes with an advantageous way of making the most of out your creativity. Additionally, technology is a big part of the whole ordeal offering both the platform and the inspiration for more ideas to shape up. 

Can your smartphone make you more creative?


creativity using yoru iphone

Given the world we live in today, it would have been nearly impossible for technology not to be among the sources of inspiration for new creative ideas. 

Sure, people are on their phones a lot and we tend to be very judgmental of that but the fact is that for many, it’s one of the most accessible ways to keep their brains engaged. 

Some ways to channel creativity can indeed be more productive than others. For instance, if when you’re bored the first thing you do is get your phone out and start scrolling through your social media, it’s probably not going to amount to very inventive initiatives on your part. 

What you can do instead is make the most out of what your device has to offer you. Have you seen what apps developers come up with these days?😄

There are many options, and that’s the beauty of how markets work nowadays - there’s something for just about anybody. 

At the same time, however, the multiplicity of choices means there’s a lot to comb through; and, unfortunately, the majority of us can barely find time for ourselves at all, let alone to screen potent apps. 

If you want to boost your creative thinking in a mobile-friendly way, here are our suggestions.

1. Brain Out 

Those puzzles we were so fascinated by when we were little children remain just as enthralling for us as we grow up. 

It’s in the nature of our human species to not only be curious about what surrounds us but to also have a complete narrative. With this in mind, it’s fair to say that we never really stop being delighted by putting pieces together, we just simply stop doing it for fun as often. 

But with a handy app that you can access whenever, you can resume doing puzzles for fun once again. Your mind will be challenged with sets of well-thought-out riddles meant to bring to the surface and practice your logical thinking skills. No more mindless Facebook scrolling!

2. Lumosity

This one is yet another great brain booster, spurring creativity in precise ways targeting the capacity of the user to maintain focus, test memory, and ultimately improve your adaptability and capacity to problem-solve. 

It’s fun, it’s interactive, and it’s already loved by more than 100 million users across the world. There’s definitely a community you can interact with and discuss the things that you are learning together.

3. Brainsparker 

Unlike the previous two apps, this one is more about prompting the user to conjure up unique scenarios rather than to complete a series of tasks. The user is presented with an array of ideas which they are supposed to consider as creatively as they can. 

What this does is it propels the individual to come up with a response based on their unique life experiences, perspectives, and interests, thus, triggering in a safe and enjoyable way, their memory, their ingenuity and why not, their sense of humor. 

With all these being kept in mind, remember that your smartphone doesn’t have to act like your self-imposed virtual prison, and it definitely doesn’t have to be an unhealthy invisible chain keeping you attached to your social media feeds.

It’s on you how you use your device. And if you want to work on boosting your creativity, that’s certainly something that you can confidently do. You can check out a bunch of apps, or if you’re curious enough you can get down to the nitty-gritty of your phone’s inner workings. 

Like, say, for instance, you’ve been bothered by your device not operating at top performance for quite some time - figure out why that is. Chances are it’s something you can resolve on your own or with some guided help which we can certainly offer. 

The next thing you know is that having taken the path of creativity will have led you to make better choices when it comes to both your professional life and your personal development.

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