5 Practical Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

5 Practical Ways to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

The power that an iPhone displays much overcomes anything that a smartphone is designed to do. But while users can have a whole lot of fun with their iPhones, it can definitely exhaust the battery life in no time. 

Luckily, it is you who controls the device and not the other way around which means that you can take steps to extend the battery life of your phone. 

How do you do that exactly? You start by becoming more aware of the services and features that you heavily use. 

Once you have a clear view of what apps drain your battery so quickly, you can choose which ones to turn off so that you can go longer without having to recharge your phone.

In the best-case scenario, iPhone users charge their devices every couple of days. But if you had to be totally honest, you’d be more inclined to say you charge your phone every day, wouldn’t you? 

If so, then you are definitely going to benefit from these 5 clever tricks that will extend your battery life.

1. Turn Off App Background Refresh

Indeed there are quite a few aspects that make your iPhone a great device to use, and the Background App Refresh certainly counts as one of them. What the app does essentially is it gives the user a view on their most frequently-used apps, and more precisely, on the intervals during the day when they are active.

In the time in which you are not using them, the apps get updated so that by the next time you do, you can access their latest version. So, if, for instance, you routinely check your socials around 8 a.m. then iOS detects that pattern and will finish updating those specific apps right before you usually use them.

Useful? Yes, of course. Unbelievably intuitive? No doubt about it. Battery killer? Sadly, yes. Big time. 

2. Turn on Auto-Brightness

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A cool thing about the iPhone is that the device has an ambient light sensor incorporated. This allows the brightness of the screen to be readjusted according to the degree of lighting around it. 

By setting your phone on the Auto-Brightness option, you’re saving plenty of battery power when you are using your phone while in darker places.

3. Turn off Motion and Animations

A fun feature that was introduced along with iOS 7 was the Background Motion. It was a cool new thing that made your iPhone look alive. Whenever you’d move your device, you’d notice that the apps and the background you’ve set started moving individually.

Sure, it’s pretty neat to look at, but it doesn’t add much to the device’s overall productivity, does it? In fact, some people have complained that it gives them motion sickness. Turn it off, get rid of unnecessary power killers, and benefit from longer battery life.

4. Collect email less often

You can increase your battery life by making slight modifications to the way your phone is set to manage your email. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to somehow handle your emails manually. 

However, in order to increase your device’s battery life, you are probably going to have to renounce instant updates or at the very least set your iPhone to check for new emails less often. The longer it passes between the fetching sessions, the less the battery is being used.

And if you’re a super busy individual that relies on email for their work and is nervous at the prospect of not receiving updates in time, you can start small. Maybe instead of having your email updated every 15 minutes, you can change it to every other hour and postpone having to charge your device too soon.

5. Turn off unnecessary vibrations

Either when getting calls or any other types of notifications, iPhones can vibrate to draw the attention of the user. However, vibrations do require quite a lot of your battery’s power since for that to happen a motor that shakes the phone is set in motion. 

So, if you could do just fine without the vibrations, then you should probably consider disabling them. It’s not compulsory for your designated ringtone or any other alert tone to be accompanied by vibrations, so maybe don’t use it unless you really have no better option. It’ll do wonders for your iPhone’s capacity to stay charged. 

Also, it’d be wise to keep in mind that there are many factors you should think of when trying to come up with a plan to extend the lifetime of your battery. 

Some of the methods, like those presented above, have to do with turning off various features offered by your iPhone. Other approaches would involve only downloading a minimum of necessary apps without getting swept up by everything the App store has to offer. 

But before you go through all these steps, you would have to make absolutely sure it’s worth it. In other words, consider that your battery could actually be worn out and the only viable solution left would be to look into iPhone battery replacement. 

The good news is that with time and the right tools, you can do that job yourself. And we truly believe that our comprehensive guides will be a great asset to you. 😉 

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