3 iPhone Shortcuts Any User Must Know About

3 iPhone Shortcuts Any User Must Know About


They’re one of those things that everybody seems to love by default. And, if the right ones are taken they can indeed bring quite the value to your daily routine.

How so? Because they usually make everything happen faster than it otherwise would, and, conveniently enough in fewer steps. 

Who isn’t a fan of efficiency and quickness? 

Your iPhone offers you the opportunity to do some pretty cool things, however, as you’ve probably noticed yourself, it isn’t always in the most economical way. What do we mean by this? Many taps, many slides, many redirections, all to manage to do a pretty basic task.

And we’re not trying to say that using an iPhone is a difficult experience, far from that. We’re simply saying that if you’d know how to do certain tasks in a simpler manner, you’d probably do them that way.

When it comes to iPhone use specifically, there are quite a few ways you can boost your experience with iOS. And in this regard, Apple’s Shortcuts app can be quite helpful.

Here are 3 of the coolest shortcuts that will revamp the way you typically use your iPhone:

1. Spotify to Apple Music 

shortcuts to listen to music on iphone

Admit it, it’s almost inconceivable to have to picture yourself commuting to work or doing mindless chores around the house without listening to your carefully customized playlist. 

Music is undoubtedly a big part of people’s lives, and since technology allows it, we can afford the luxury to get more and more particular about what we want to listen to and when.

In this sense, if you are an iPhone user and have been wanting to switch from Spotify to Apple but have been hesitant about making a mess out of your playlists in the process, the Playlist Converter Shortcut offers you the solution you need.

You can basically import the first 30 songs from your playlist for free to the converter which will, in turn, re-format them for Apple Music. And it’s as simple as copying and pasting the link of your Spotify playlist. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for an easy and free way to switch to Apple Music, this is it. 😁

2. Scanning and storing receipts

Another cool but not nearly sufficiently credited feature is the Receipt/ Document Scanner & Storage Shortcut. What it essentially does is it offers iPhone users a practical way of documenting receipts. 

Forget about losing important papers ever again. You can archive your receipts without having to spend tons of money to do it, and you can count on the shortcut’s efficiency too. 

The process is as straightforward as it can be - you take a photo of the receipt that eventually gets re-configured into a PDF stating the price and the reason for purchase in the name of the file. 

We bet you can already think of quite a few situations in which such a feature comes in pretty handy, right?

3. Battery life saving

If you’re one of those people who always seem to have their iPhone’s battery either about to die on them or already powered out, this one's for you. May your frustrations come to an end! 😄

You’re probably well-aware of the fact that incorporated into iOS there already is a Low Power option to which you can switch your iPhone in order to save battery. The way that happens essentially is when your phone is in the Low Power mode, any actions that would lead to background refreshes are held off. 

Your first thought as someone who is determined to see a better performance in terms of battery life is probably “Surely, a lot more can be done?” to preserve power. 

As a matter of fact, it can. With Apple’s Keep Me Alive shortcut, you can make your iPhone battery last way longer than what the Low Power mode offers. 

How so? Because this shortcut will only allow your device to operate at a very basic level, instantly activating Airplane Mode and prohibiting Wi-fi connectivity, lowering the brightness level on the display all the way down as well as turning off your phone’s sound. 

To resume normal functionality, you merely have to switch everything back on yourself. 

However, an important note has to be added regarding the life of your battery, and more precisely, the rapid draining of your iPhone’s battery. 

It might just be the case that no matter how many neat tricks you learn, none will keep your device’s battery charged for a normal amount of time. 

But before you start stressing out, know that there are feasible solutions, like iPhone battery replacement. A faulty battery will not give the expected results no matter how much you try to make it work, getting a new one might be the practical fix you actually need. 

And why wouldn’t you when it can be so easy to do the job yourself? 😉

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